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1) Christadelphian Africrafts started in 1987 to provide employment for brethren and sisters in the third world.

2) The project is designed to provide employment for brothers and sisters (as distinct from pure charity). This employment can be the production of crafts for sale in the UK although we would prefer, through Africrafts Direct, to assist in providing local employment which can benefit our members and their families more directly.

3) The Africraft Project relies heavily on brethren and sisters in the UK and elsewhere purchasing crafts made by brethren and sisters in Africa.

4) Payment is made to the brother or sister as soon as goods are received. If crafts prove to be unsaleable 'Africrafts' takes the loss.

5) Gifts from brethren and sisters in the UK enable us to stand this loss and pay something towards the cost of transporting crafts from Africa to the UK.

6) Africrafts encourages brethren and sisters to work in groups. The Christadelphian Africraft workshop is more than a centre where people can find a job and earn wages. It is a place where people work together, pray together, and learn together to manage themselves and the organisation they have to work in. It is a place where people come together to share that full life which is brought about by faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. It is a place where people grow into spiritual maturity.

7) Spiritual Aims - True Christians are joined together in Christ. They are like one body with its limbs and other parts joined together (Rom.12 v. 4-5). Christ is our head (Eph 4 v 15-16). If we are working properly as the body of Christ we help others to see the love of Christ in action. When we are baptised into Christ the most important event in our lives takes place. A Christian group should introduce people to Christ through the way they work, through the way they join together in their enterprise, and by the words they speak.

8) The Africraft Project deals with precisely the same brethren and sisters in Africa as the Bible Mission, and valuable assistance is given by CBM personnel when visiting crafts workers during missionary visits. When confronted with the difficult situstion of unemployed brethren and sisters having no means of support, employment can be offered through the AFRICRAFT PROJECT.

You can be part of the solution to their poverty by donating to Africrafts community development projects (Africrafts Direct).

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