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This really innovative project was initialy funded through the CBM. It has proved to be a way of giving the leaders of the Freetown CYC a common goal to work to and a very sucessfull preaching aid within the local comunity.

The group arranged all the music themselves, provided the backing track and then recorded it in a professional studio.

Since then the project has had several spin offs, the latest being a concert in the British Council building for which over 400 tickets were sold. The visitors heard a short Bible address of ten minutes and then an hour of the songs on this CD.

You can buy the CD on this web site and help fund not only their next offering but more importantly provide the funds for the establishment of a comunity based youth project for 6 - 15 year olds who live on the streets of Freetown and survive mostly by begging and stealing.

The group will meet on a weekly basis initially and the programme will be similar to that of a UK based CYC with a bible talk and activities

You can be part of the solution to their poverty by donating to Africrafts community development projects (Africrafts Direct).

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